Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Clear 7-Day Scalp & Hair Challenge: Introduction

For those of you who don't know, I am into free samples like a three-year-old is into Tinkerbell. (Hint: the answer is "extremely"). I am a BzzAgent, and with that comes the perks of obtaining free samples - and more often than not, free full-sized products! - of just about any product you can think of that might need to be tested by the public right before, or during the start of, its wide release. While the bulk of my free samples have come from this delightful company, the one I am talking to you about today is not from BzzAgent - a blog first for me, to be certain.

The Clear 7-Day Scalp & Hair Challenge was presented to me, initially, as a simple "click this link, fill this out, you get free shampoo" post on a forum I frequent. Always willing and eager to accept free things, I clicked it and discovered that while this is a free sample giveaway, it's also a chance to talk about your opinions and thoughts regarding a product, ala my much-beloved BzzAgent. Who could pass that up?

I promptly forgot about it, and last week checked my mail to discover a sweet little box, like so:
Inside this compact little beauty of a box is a coupon for $1 off any one bottle of Clear product, as well as not one, not two, but seven days worth of Clear shampoo and conditioner duo trial-sized packets:
(bad lighting not included)

I don't remember indicating my hair type when I signed up for this promotion, but I know that I must have. All of the bottles of Clear featured on the packaging and marketing materials show this bottle but with pink writing, claiming to be shampoo for "damage & color repair." While I dyed my hair during a few misguided months in my undergraduate years, it's been at least five, and so I don't need repair for anything, simply good old-fashioned washing and conditioning. 

What will follow in a future post will be a blog summarizing my feelings and findings after I complete all seven days of product testing for the Clear: Total Care shampoo and conditioner duo. I just finished using day two of the product, and I am a bit skeptical, but I will save these feelings for another day when I have more complete thoughts.

My hair is very greasy and if it's not washed daily or every other day at the very least, it tends to rebel like an angry teenager denied a punk rock concert. So I need a shampoo that can keep up with my daily demands and the domineering oils that love to get all over my hair's business. We'll see if this alleged "scalp care" really does make a difference or not. Stay tuned!


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