Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Booze

You know it.
I am not really a big drinker. If you look in my apartment's fridge, I think you might find a half-empty bottle of sour mix, but by and large, that's about it. Since I turned 21 three years ago, I have been searching high and low for the liquor of my dreams that will taste sweet, get me feeling good, not cost me an arm and a leg, and, above all, not taste like liquor.

This is my biggest problem, and my despair: if I can taste the liquor, I probably won't want to drink it. To what I am sure is my boyfriend's eternal chagrin, every time we go out to eat dinner and we order drinks, I always ask the server, "What doesn't taste like alcohol?" Nine times out of ten they give me an odd look, but the occasional server "gets" my plight and will suggest drinks they can create that won't taste like what the three year olds I used to teach delicately referred to as "boo-boo."

The problem with drinking out of the house is, of course, you're not at home. You're paying per glass, and they can add up pretty fast. I have some tried and true favorites at restaurants (Chili's, for instance, has $2.99 margaritas all day every day, and their fruit-flavored ones don't taste of alcohol at all), but by and large, I prefer to drink at home. I come to you today bearing the names of two drinks I love: one's my old friend, and the other, a new love.

Beautiful. Radiant. Delicious. Other descriptive adjectives.
The first alcoholic beverage I can remember absolutely loving without any regard for taste was an amaretto sour. Tasting like a slightly more sour and spicy lemonhead candy, they were the perfect thing to drink at a party. It doesn't taste like liquor, but rather, like joy. Delight. A bottle of sour mix will never cost too much, and amaretto will stretch a long way, especially if you're like me and can't seem to mix your drinks in any way but "too sweet" - mouths pucker when my drinks get sampled because I tend to almost always go light on the alcohol and heavier on whatever the mixer is at the time. However, amaretto sours will always be one of my favorite drinks, and I definitely can't see myself getting tired of them any time soon. And how could I? They're timeless! A quick search reveals an inception date of 1786 - certainly not as timeless as some things, but definitely not anything to sneeze at!

My other, newfound love, is Firefly's Pink Lemonade. I've had the Sweet Tea Firefly before, especially when mixed with lemonade, and loved it. It reminds me of being on my friend's front porch, drinking Arnold Palmers and reminiscing about when we were eighteen. (I'm twenty-four now and can't believe I missed being eighteen when I was twenty-one. If I had only known). I was ecstatic to discover the newfound addition to their family: pink lemonade! Another summertime throwback, to sucking pink lemonade down greedily after soccer practice, kneeling in the dewy grass of the sidelines. Firefly Pink Lemonade tastes like that, with a bit of an alcoholic punch on the back burner. If you like your liquor sweet, but lovely and reminiscent of "the good old days," definitely give Firefly Pink Lemonade a go.

As I've said, I'm not a big drinker. Sometimes, I'll go for a rum & coke, or ginger ale mixed with something else altogether. But these are two standbys I know I can fall back on if I ever get bogged down with choice at a party, or bar. And that is nothing to shake a swizzle stick at.


  1. You sound like my husband! Its actually quite nice to 'meet' someone who has the same problem... he just doesn't like the taste of alcohol!
    Me on the other hand, love it. But I only drink a couple of glasses of wine per week these days.
    Don't you like Baileys? That's yummy!

  2. Suzy came in and wrote almost exactly the same thing I would have! My husband doesn't like the taste of alcohol, but I love it. We have a fairly stocked bar in our home and most of it are things that I drink.

    Some of the things that he's found that he enjoys are: Hoegaarden (a non-hoppy beer), Lindenman's Framboise and pretty much any cordial. If you can get your hands on Cloudberry Liqueur, it's truly yummy stuff! I'll have to recommend the Firefly's Pink Lemonade to him. I think that would be right up his alley!

    1. I'm totally jealous, Amber. I currently live in Portugal and you can't get any of that stuff here. It sounds divine though!

  3. I am one of those sympathetic servers! I used to be like that myself; I didn't like the taste of alcohol, and to some extent I still don't. However, I can't drink the syrupy sweet drinks that I used to. If you're a sweet drink girl, I'd highly recommend a Malibu Bay Breeze. Coconut rum, pineapple juice, and a splash or two of cranberry. I still love them, but on a moderate basis. I've become an old lady that drinks dry red wine now :)