Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Clear Shampoo

Thankfully for today's blog, the product I am reviewing is one I was already in the process of reviewing anyway! Isn't it funny how life works out like that? Anyway. Last week, I posted the beginning of my 2-part review of the Clear 7-Day Challenge, a gamut where you use the new Clear-branded shampoo for seven days and see if your hair looks and feels any better. (of course, the bet is that it will which is why they are giving you seven days worth of shampoo, but that's beside the point!)

I began using Clear on March 25th - last Monday - and I have admittedly not finished the seven day challenge. Not because I didn't find the time or because I kept forgetting to use the stuff, but because it just didn't work on my hair like I wanted it to.

A lot of people say they have combination skin, and that's where most of their beauty problems are. My skin is bittersweet in that there is no combination about it: it's just straight-up oily! However, my hair is a big problem. Along with my skin, my hair is oily and becomes greasy at the drop of a hat. The problem with this is that if I wash it every day, it strips it down way too much (my sensitive skin must factor into my hair follicles?) and leaves it dry. So I shower daily, but I wash my hair every other day in an effort to keep it balanced. Usually, this works great! My tried and true Herbal Essence shampoos have never let me down, and manage to smell delicious, to boot. (for a while, I used bar shampoos in an effort to live SLS-free, but eventually I just had to stop due to the fact that it was a) ridiculous to carry about bottles of vinegar and b) just didn't clean my hair quite as well as the artificial chemicals in that SLS-laden good stuff).

I embarked on the Clear challenge on day one with trepidation, but hope. Let me start by saying that this didn't bode well purely based on the fact that it was damn near impossible to open the packets of shampoo and conditioner.
Those "easy tear" slots are deceptive and I hate them
Once I got past that, however, it seemed to go okay. I used my usual amount of shampoo - the whole packet - and the whole packet of conditioner. This is probably what contributed to what I felt the next morning (I am a nighttime shower-goer. My mother told me to never put a dirty body on clean sheets): grease so thick I could feel it. This was from me showering at about 10 pm and waking up at 7:15 am, so something was wrong, here!

I showered again that morning, against my usual "wait a day" philosophy as well as my "shower at night philosophy - and this time used the dime-sized amount of conditioner I'm used to using. This did help, and to Clear's credit, this shampoo smells fantastic. I mean I couldn't stop huffing my hair all day. If you like clean scents, check this stuff out!

Anyway, I went on with the Clear challenge for five of the seven days, and I just felt absolutely no difference beyond that first day's grease mountain on top of my head. I wanted to, and I tried to see it - but try as I might, I just couldn't convince myself that Clear did anything differently than my much-beloved Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly. (I have short, stick-straight hair that I like to tease a little bit in the mornings to get it to fake some body until 5 pm).

Most of the reviews I have read online give Clear products glowing reviews, so I must admit that it might be my particular hair type that is the downfall of this potentially good review. If I had colored hair, for instance, or was a different ethnicity, I might be able to expect different results. But for this oily-scalped natural blonde, Clear just didn't bring me any new clarity on my hair. (and that's okay: after all, if I only ever wrote good reviews, you wouldn't believe me as much, now would you? Looking at you, The Golden Compass).


  1. Hi Patricia .. welcome to the A - Z .. glad you're enjoying it.

    Seems like doing reviews on products suits you .. good luck with all your investigations .. cheers Hilary

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    1. Thank you Hilary! I've turned it off. :)

  2. I have tried this thing too.... but disappointed. Nice review :)

    _ A fellow blogger from A to Z!