Saturday, April 27, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Dr. Scholl's Odor-X Odor Fighting Spray Powder

For both your benefit and my own, I will keep this one clean, simple, cut and dry: I have sweaty feet. And whether or not you admit it, chances are you do, too.

I work in a job that requires me to dress "business casual." In the summer months, this can often translate to sandals or some other sort of strappy shoe that lets your feet hang out like they've got nothing to hide. The other months of the year, though, present a bit of a problem when it comes to footwear. My two favorite pairs of work-appropriate shoes are the same exact shoe - one brown pair, one black pair. They are both ballet flats from Wal-Mart that were $9.99 and are wonderful, sweet little flats that get the job done with no frills. I adore them. The only problem? By their very nature, they make your feet sweaty.

A lot of the time I can kick my shoes off under my desk at work and do what needs to be done without any shoes on, but I have to slip them back on to run down the hall to answer a question, or go to the restroom, and eventually by the time 5 pm rolls around, I can just sort of tell that they're tired and sweaty. It's getting to be the summer here in good old Georgia, and while it might not be the most ladylike subject for me to discuss with you guys right now, the fact of life is that it is time to find something to beat foot odor!

Enter everyone's favorite faux-orthopedist, Dr. Scholl. He's back and better than ever with this latest-and-greatest, a spray that claims to eliminate odors in their tracks. Simply hold it away from your feet in the morning, the can boasts, and spray to your heart's content on your feet and between your toes. Let it dry, slip on your shoes, and that's that. No foot odor!

"I don't believe it," is what I probably said out loud while standing in the aisle at the Walgreens. But the name brand was on sale for less than the store brand - a rarity! - so I bit the bullet and paid my $5 and change for this little yellow miracle-in-a-can spray bottle.

Turns out it wasn't a bad idea at all. If the Dr. Scholl's company knows one thing, it's feet, and they know it well. While it might seem like a steep price to pay, this little guy really does pack a punch, and it packs it well. I've used it a lot of work days when wearing flats, and I can definitely tell that my feet aren't sweating as much as they normally do when they are clad in the confining ballet flats, if at all.

If you have problems with foot odor and don't know what to do about it, and the idea of having a pad full of foot sweat tucked into the bottom of your shoe disgusts you as much as it did me, give this spray option a try! What have you got to lose, anyway? Foot odor you already had? ;)


  1. I have the same... issue. I might have to try that.

    Nice creative X by the way!

  2. I just wear fancied-up flip flops during the summer, but my winter shoes do tend to get a bit rancid after awhile. I'll try this!

    Stopping by from A to Z. :-)