Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Drinkware

I cannot go anywhere without a cup in my hand. This compulsion I have to always be carrying around water is not as bad as my compulsion to go nowhere without a book (I've stopped in the parking lot, turned around and gone back to my apartment to get a paperback while on my way to drive to Walgreens for a box of tampons. 95% of the time I never even touch the book), but it's definitely something I feel compelled to do. I do have a much higher success rate at drinking out of a cup than I do at reading a book while multitasking, additionally, which is somewhat of a benefit.

Slap a university logo on this puppy

For the majority of my undergraduate college years, I had a Nalgene bottle. This was back before BPA-free was a big deal, if that tells you anything. It was powder blue and had a twist-off plastic lid, and I bought it while I was doing my college orientation in a vain attempt to show off to my high school comrades: look at me, I have gone to university and brought forth a chalice!

This aside, I carried that battered-up Nalgene with me until I was almost done with my undergraduate degree, four years later. I had been hearing words like "BPA" and "leech," but didn't care as much because ... well, my Nalgene was just that, my Nalgene. I didn't want to be parted from it, not one iota. But then, I noticed my roommate's Tervis tumbler. The rest is history.

I initially had written Tervis tumblers off as "super-vain soccer mom drinkware." And while a lot of their target demographic is people who tend to be soccer moms, they also cater to just about everyone else. What I love about Tervis is that they are virtually indestructible, colorful, double-walled, and personalize-able  I don't feel obligated by my Tervis to go climb a mountain, whereas my Nalgene would reproachfully stare up at me from my desk, just saying, "when are we gonna go on an adventure?" Never, Nalgene. Never.

I have been through three Tervis tumblers since I was 21. For those of you not playing along at home, this is a 3 year history with the Tervis company. "Patricia," you might say, "if these things are so damn priceless then why are you buying 3 of them?!" No, no, dear reader. Let me explain.

The cup that started it all
Casualty #1: My very first Tervis tumbler, a beautiful design covered in cherry blossoms. I left it on my desk full of ice water while moving apartments in December 2012, and when I went back later that month, I never saw it again. Heartbroken, but presumably it was donated to charity, which I am all right with: if it had to go, at least it went there.

Casualty #2: I left a bunch of my stuff at a job overnight on my last day of work because I am a genius. I went back and got my coat, my library books, my teaching supplies ... but no Tervis. (it was purple and featured lots of pretty, colorful flowers). The only conclusion anyone could come to was that a coworker stole it. Why did they steal it? Because Tervis tumblers are flawless.

Tervis #3: I'm on my third one right now, and it had better not go anywhere or I just won't know what I'll do. It's got pink and purple swirly hummingbirds all over it, and I bought one of the $5 handles to really look like a super-vain soccer mom. I bought it in person at Bed, Bath & Beyond because I was just done waiting 2 weeks for the Tervis site to deliver.

So in short, Tervis tumblers are godsent cups. Take it from someone who carries hers everywhere: for a 24 ounce cup with a giant pink handle, it's surprisingly portable. At about $20 for the biggest size, they aren't cheap, but they come with a lifetime guarantee, and if anything happens to it - ever! - you'll get a new one, absolutely free of charge. And as frugal as I am, I perk up like a bloodhound at "lifetime guarantee." While their pricetag might make you shy away, remember that they are double-walled and will never sweat, they are always replaceable at no cost to you, they're BPA-free, and they're just plain pretty.

One day, I might become a vain soccer mom. But until that point, I'll be a frugal twenty-something. Besides, with the lifetime guarantee, I'll still have the Tervis then, anyway.


  1. Those are some expensive cups! But so pretty.

  2. I always have my water with too! We have a Berkey water system - so my co-workers call me a water snob! hahaha

  3. yes, yes they are. to the end of days will they provide refreshment!
    or until we lose another... got my hub a tervis with sparty in it for msu =)