Monday, April 8, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Garnier B.B. Cream

I've heard a lot of things about B.B. Cream over the past year or so. At some point - I'm not entirely sure when, exactly - B.B. Cream became the new "it" item to have in your makeup bag. I was still really new to even deigning to conceptualize wearing makeup at the time, so from what I understood, B.B. Cream A) came from Korea and B) would literally revolutionize your face.

It sounds like the lazy makeup applier's dream. Rub this one cream all over your face, throw away six other bottles of face product because you no longer need them, this one does it all. That sounded great, but I was skeptical. I opted instead for what most people do: a foundation, a concealer, 2-3 different products that might fix whatever B.B. Cream swears it will, but many assume it won't.
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At some point after I began to really concentrate on what I was slathering all over my face on a daily basis, I decided to go for broke and check out B.B. Cream. This idea fell flat on its face moments after leaving the gate due to the sheer volume of B.B. Cream products out there. At this stage I worked for a large drugstore company, and women would come in all the time to buy the various B.B. Cream products we sold. I'd take a mental note each time, one Maybelline purchase here, one Olay there, but there never seemed to be a particular brand that stood out. Defeated, I stood back and let my old makeup back in. It worked, after all.

Enter BzzAgent, the most wonderful "free stuff" web site in all the land. When I was invited to do a campaign that would get me a free anything, of course I said yes, but I was positively delighted to discover that it was a B.B. Cream campaign. A free $12-15 product for me to try out? Of course I'll do it! What made this interesting is that I now work a 8-5 desk job, and like so much of the female workforce, I don't want to A) waste 30 minutes of my morning applying makeup when sleep is such a commodity, and B) I want my makeup to last me all day long, from my first sip of water after clocking in at 8:01 to when I turn off the lights in my office at 4:59. So this was a challenge I was willing to accept, but also just that: a challenge.

One thing of note before I go any farther: I have super-oily skin. My face shines like a lighthouse on a clear day, and my T-zone could be used as a bike reflector. Patches of my face still have acne scars, and there are a few small red blemishes still. All of this goes to say that this product really had its work cut out for it. I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised.

I spread the B.B. Cream on my makeup sponge, and daubed it all over my face. Instantly, I could see a difference. My pores shrunk, the redness swept out of the spotty portions of my cheeks, and the neon glare of my T-zone quieted down. The only thing the B.B. Cream didn't do that I can't really expect it to do is totally cover up my one or two acne spots, so I rubbed a small bit of concealer stick on those and I was done. Three minutes, maximum. Two products. One happy customer.

Garnier's B.B. Cream lasts throughout the day without any worry about me having to set it with powder. It comes in only two shades, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it could easily match my own pale shade. Best of all, it provides an SPF 20 sunscreen, so the need for a moisturizer is also gone. It has a low, pleasantly clean scent that fades within seconds of application.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing the Garnier B.B. Cream if you are thinking of using a B.B. Cream, or just seeing how one works. While the more expensive international B.B. Creams might work better, for a starter in the world of makeup or someone just wanting to see how this magical potion would react to their skin, Garnier B.B. Cream comes with the highest of praises from me.