Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z Challenge: H is for Hair

My hair is a hot mess. I'm not exaggerating, though if you looked at a photo of me, you might just laugh and splutter a bit and then say, "Please!" because it resembles a head of very nice, straight, strawberry blonde hair. But that's not all it is.

Look haaaaarder ...
On top of being straight and strawberry blonde, my hair is baby-thin and limp as a wet rag. You can do nothing with it, and this is not an exaggeration. Once, for a project in high school, we had to style my hair like that of a Titanic-era young woman. We used what I'm pretty sure was almost an entire bottle of hair spray to get my hair to hold this delicate, sugar-spun curl we'd painstakingly curler'd into it. Seemingly, this was going to hold, and we were ecstatic. I filmed our video and 20 minutes after, when I went outside to get in my mother's car, a drop of rain hit my hair. The entire thing fell out, and I was back to my stick-straight, boring 'do.

It might be hard to believe, but yes, my hair is a persnickety, boring mess. It's a gorgeous color and is wonderfully thin and light on my head, but it does nothing, and there is equally nothing I can do about it. So needless to say, I get really hopeful that some miracle shampoo is going to come along and cure me.

Spoiler alert: nothing is. I have yet to find a magical shampoo that will give body to my lifeless head of hair, and if you think you have found this product, let me know and I'll sell you a bridge buy some and try it. An additional hurdle is that I am a night showerer - always have been - and so anything that involves "spray this in your hair in the morning after you shower" will not work, as I wake up with dry hair, get dressed, do my makeup and leave the house.

This said! This is a review blog, and H is for Hair, so I need to review something. I figured I would review what is currently in my shower, because why not? The bottle is 3/4 empty so I must not hate the stuff.
They really do change their labels a lot ...

And it's true, I don't hate the stuff. But I don't love it, either. This is Herbal Essences' "Tousle me Softly," their shampoo for wavy hair. I bought this, I believe, in a misguided attempt to fool my hair into believing it contained a semblance of body or wavy texture. When I get out of the shower, my hair is wavy and I think it's lovely. As soon as it dries, though - wham, straight. 

This shampoo doesn't fix that. I don't have originally wavy hair, so I also can't comment to how well this shampoo handles people with wavy hair. What I can comment on though is that this shampoo smells delicious (like a light floral-y fruit, if that makes any sense), and leaves my hair with lots of bounce, if not body - my hair is lightweight when I use Herbal Essence in a way that it isn't if I use any other shampoo. And this is coming from someone who used to use bar shampoo and exclusive SLS-free soaps. (Then I fell in love with Bath & Body Works body wash, but that is another story all together and we already passed B, so it will just have to wait). It is also a pleasant purple color, and I am not ashamed to admit that I tend to buy soaps and shampoos based on their coloration. (OK, I'm a little embarrassed by that).

Herbal Essences consistently makes good products. I remember going to visit my grandmother in South Carolina - later Alabama - and taking a bubble bath in her giant Jacuzzi tub. She had bottles of the old-style Herbal Essence type (you know the style, big and pastel-colored with no attempts to capture the college-aged crowd: they were for women and unabashed) and I remember smelling it and thinking, "this smells grown up." When Herbal Essences changed their marketing to be more targeted at the teenage and twenty-something crowd, my first thought was, "that stuff smells like my grandmother!" (which delighted me, but that's beside the point). 

However, they have been delivering delicious-smelling shampoos for the past few years, and I hope they don't stop. I am continually saddened that I don't color treat my hair at all so I can in no way justify buying their color-treated shampoo, which smells divine in the bottle. I will be, however, buying their newly designed shampoos that look just like the old ones, which I am stupidly excited about. It's everything I loved about grandma's bathtub minus the slightly medicinal smell of old-era Herbal Essence. 

One thing I do love about my hair? Any product designed for shine works, well, glowingly!


  1. I have really long, straight, black hair. I have to cut a couple of inches off every few months just so I don't sit on the end of it and pull it out of my head. lol

    I have tried so many different shampoo's because my hair is thin and get filled with static and then just fly's away all over the place. I use Pantene and I love the stuff.

    Dark Thoughts Blog

  2. Ha! I smiled while reading this...and was grateful that I had sheared my hair off years ago. Happy A to Z!

  3. I have, or so I've been told, thick currently-black hair that's normally straight, but it starts to curl up a bit throughout the day if I leave it alone. I love it, but it tends to end up going every which way if I don't have it tied back or something. I don't use any sort of special shampoo, but I should probably start now that it's getting long.

  4. I'm visiting from the A to Z challenge. I'm losing my hair so I just shave it now. My wife uses a no-foaming shampoo that helps with curls but she has some pretty curly hair to begin with.

  5. I actually stopped using shampoo and conditioner last summer. I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar and my hair has been better behaved, smoother, less frizzy, and it always feels clean and light. I occasionally use some FrizzEase on really humid days (and living in Florida that's pretty much all summer!).

    Stopping by from A to Z.

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