Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Jessica

Today's blog is a little different, in that I'm not reviewing a product for once - I won't be tomorrow, either! - but instead, a person. Namely, a blogger. I'll pause for you to wrap your head around that for just a minute. Go to the next paragraph when you're ready. I will wait.

Anyway, this entry concerns my friend, Jessica. I have known Jessica since she was 18 years old, and I was 19. I was a sophomore in college and she was a freshman. We'd been talking on Facebook before she ever came to our university, but I still wasn't expecting her to pop into our dorm room early on that weekend afternoon with this effervescent pep that belongs only to a college freshman. Her smile was so wide it could have split her face, and she poked her head in just past the door jamb and said, "Hey!" My first thought was, "Damn, she's eager!" My opinion on this subject has yet to change, and it's been almost six years.

Everyone has friends who they tend to not speak to for months at a time. Not for any particular reason, they just sort of drift and come back, like those hand-holding otters in that YouTube video about, well, the hand-holding otters.

Like so.
In this regard, Jessica is my otter. Since she stuck her beaming face into my dorm room while my friend Christie and I were trying to figure out the bed arrangement and the merits of delofting our beds, I have seen her go experience a breakup, a car-totaling wreck, the birth of a niece, a new boyfriend and most recently, a wedding, not to mention the tons of milestones in between.  We go through periods of not talking, but we always manage to drift back together, somehow. She's not the fresh-faced little eighteen year old dreamer I met five years ago, but she is still the biggest go-getter and will hands-down be the first one of my friends to try something, even if the idea is terrifying. Plus she has a flawfree head of naturally red hair that I am so jealous of it's not even funny.

All of this goes to say, I trust Jessica. I trust her opinions, I trust her judgement and I trust most of the things she tells me. We are both new to the game of wearing and applying makeup - not for any particular reason, we just are both makeup late bloomers - and I have been following and eating up her blog from day one.

Scary, Simple, Smitten is a wonderful makeup blog that I would heartily recommend to anyone, novice to the world of beauty or not. What I love about Jessica's blog is her tone, most notably. She is a creative writer, and she writes like she talks, so everything she types up is going to come straight from the heart. It's an easy-to-read style, and she tells it like it is when she reviews products. Never one to mince words or be verbose, Jessica will tell you straight-up what her opinion on a beauty product is, as well as doling out frugal recipes for all-natural beauty items, as well as just general commentary on what it's like to be anxiety-prone in the world of beauty, where you can't be timid or you get eaten alive.

SSS is a fresh face to the blogosphere, and one I think that everyone should give a read. Since I began reading her blog, I've added a good 3-4 products to my 'want to try' list, and while that might be bad in one sense, it's definitely mostly good. I am so proud of the work she has put into this web page to really make it her own, and I hope that you do yourself a favor and go check out Scary, Simple, Smitten for yourself.


  1. Hi there, I too have an otter, perhaps we all do! Popped over to say hi as part of the A to z enjoyed your post now will bounce on over to your friends blog too all the best from Becs

  2. Dawwwww, I love you, too, otter. <3

  3. Jessica is lucky to have you a friend, and visa versa. I have visted Jessica, and found her blog as you say, her message about makeup and more comes from the heart. Thanks for your visit.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

  4. She sounds like a good friend to have. I'll check out her blog when I have made my way round some more a-z bloggers! I need inspiration for the letter K. Happy blogging!

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