Friday, April 12, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Kristen

I am a big supporter of online friendships and communities. I've kept up with a little personal blog in my own corner of the Internet since 2003, and it will be my 10th anniversary there in August of this year, which is simultaneously horrifying and amazing. Suffice it to say, a lot of friends have come and gone in the past ten years, and while some have stuck around, many have left because honestly it's hard to maintain anything for 10 years, much less an Internet blog.

In the recent years, I discovered this writing competition that this web site ran, called LJ Idol. The premise is strikingly similar to American Idol: people sign up, they post a piece of writing, and are slowly eliminated until a champion is crowned. I took a backseat and watched for a while, but have now participated in a season and a half. (I say "half" because the most recent season is an abbreviated one). I have made a few really good online friends from this competition, fellow bloggers and writers alike. But one of the most wonderful people I have met is named Kristen, and this blog is all about her.

I won't tell you about her life story, because she can tell you that herself on her own blog, which she has so nicely done! I will tell you that she met her boyfriend through LJ Idol, that she is a persistent go-getter with a can-do attitude and one of the most contagious and infectious positive attitudes out there, and that she has the most adorable Great Dane I've ever seen.

Kristen recently inherited a dream of hers, one that might feel farfetched but then as soon as it comes true you find yourself pinching your arms to make sure you're awake: she is about to begin running an independent publishing company! Currently, Kristen is in the process of acquiring and firing up on all cylinders this delightful publisher known as Fey Publishing, a great company with some wonderful independent writers in charge of it. What I love about Kristen is her tenacity: she lost her job not all that long ago, but instead of despairing when times got tough, she kept her head down and now she's acquired a lifelong dream of hers. I really think there's something commendable there, if you squint hard enough. ;)

Her blog, meanwhile, focuses on her life as a writer and, most recently, her publishing company. Kristen talks candidly about everything from her encounter with a baboon as a child to struggling to self-promote her blog. And I can tell you, no matter the subject matter, she writes with a silver tongue that never seems to fade away. I have enjoyed getting to know Kristen these past months, and I can't wait to see her go on to even bigger and brighter horizons.

This is the second of my two blog promotions for the A to Z contest, and I hope that you will give Kristen's blog a chance. I guarantee you, you'll learn something: not just about yourself, but about how the world works as a whole.


  1. Aww thank you so much! This is such a sweet entry and I wasn't expecting it at all. Thanks for blogging about me. It made my day!

  2. I will go look at Kristen's blog.Thanks
    maggie winter

  3. Kristen is a wonderful writer and blogger. I am also enjoying your new blog, P! - zeitgeistic

  4. That's very cool, I'll be sure to check out her blog and the LJ idol link.