Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Organization

Today's entry is less of a review and more of just a preview of how things work in my world. I am not particularly organized on a large scale - clothes are strewn all over my apartment, for instance - but even if it's not all in pristine condition, I can find anything, any where, at any time. I thought I would show how I organize my linen closet and makeup.

This is one of the shelves in my linen closet. If you think I have one or two of each object ... well, you're not counting right! I find something I like, and I buy a lot of it when it's still on sale. What this has led to is an overstock of hand soap that probably rivals that of someone who works for Bath & Body Works - I haven't bought hand soap in at least six months. Additionally, I am down to one B&BW body wash, but I tend to stock up on them when I have a coupon that makes them 2/$11. I know they aren't the cheapest body washes by far, but my skin is very sensitive and I just love the different smells and the indulgent lathers they produce. I'm a cheapskate on a lot of things, but never on my body wash.

Additionally, you can see my deodorant stockpile. My absolute favorite deodorant - Secret gel, sport scent - was on closeout at my local Kroger a few months ago, so I bought 3. My second-favorite I prefer to wear in cooler months (when it's hot, rubbing a solid under my arms just feels icky to me) is the Dove that smells like oranges. My armpits are by far the most sensitive parts of my body and these are so far the only two deodorants I can wear without breaking out in hives, so of course I have to stock up! You can also see my 2 cans of Dove dry shampoo - great for a quick spritz before work if I showered earlier the day before - and my toothpaste and toothbrush surplus.

To the right is my makeup stash, though it's less of a stash and more of all of my makeup thrown into a metal box on the counter, and more than half of its contents are brushes, haha. I'm still learning how makeup works and expanding my collection, so right now I can keep it all in this tiny box and I don't have to dig for anything. I was given a few makeup items by a friend recently, so my collection is much bigger than it was a few days ago! Recently the only things I really use are that Almay eyeshadow palette you can see, the B.B. cream, a concealer stick that's in there somewhere and my knock-off beauty blender, which I will definitely write about at another point.

My Garfield mug was a gift from an aunt for a birthday I don't even remember the number of, and I've kept my toothbrushes and brushes in him ever since. He's just so twee and cute, I smile! Not pictured are my floss picks (in the medicine cabinet), baby shampoo/wash (for cleaning makeup brushes) and mouthwash (I use the offbrand Scope because that works just as well at a fraction of the price. Thanks, Target, and sorry, Scope company).

Not very deep or profound, but it works for me! Everything is accessible, and there is plenty of it! Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to lay them on me! :)