Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Pixel

I have a cat. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don't just have a cat, I have what a lot of people refer to as a "furbaby." My cat is my pride and joy, and while he isn't always the best roommate - when he's dragging my trash out of the bathroom and onto my bed for instance, or when he's nipping my ankles in the mornings to tell me he's hungry - but he's always a consistent cuddle buddy, and he'll never turn down being held.

His name is Pixel because when I first got him, that's roughly how large he seemed to be: a pixel, a blip on the map. He's since grown like a weed, but he was rescued from a street fight and was just the tiniest, scrappiest most unfortunate-looking thing in the world. But I needed him, and he needed me, and I paid a lot of money to get him sorted out medically because I'm a giant sap. (you can also see how big those eyes are ... can't say no to that!)

I love my cat, and I want what's best for him like I imagine those of you who are parents want what is best for your own children. I want him to have the best possible food, the best toys, the best cat litter, I want him to know that he's loved and even though I'm not always home as often as I'd like to be, he's the best cat ever. So today's entry is a recommendation for the best thing I've bought my cat to date, his toys notwithstanding.

I live in Georgia, where it gets brutally hot in the summer. Unfortunately with that heat comes humidity, so it's not just hot, but muggy, the air outside is so thick you can practically feel your body slicing through it. So when you're not as hydrated as you should be, you know your furry friends must be too. Pixel was very young last summer - 7-10 months - and he would drink water, but he drank from the toilet with an unfortunate level of gusto. If I forgot to leave the seat down you can bet he'd be right there, tail up in the air with aplomb, splashing away. I wanted something that would allow Pixel to get the water he wanted - moving, like in the wild - without the $75 price tag that most 'cat fountains' come with these days.

Enter the Catit cat fountain. What I love about the Catit is that it doesn't make Pixel bend down to drink like he does when he has to eat - the water dish is at his height, to where he only has to bend so slightly to get to his hydration. It doesn't recycle the same water over and over in a waterfall sort of system, but rather it circulates it from underneath the fountain, comes up over a filter and spills out in a mushroom cloud of water, before disappearing back through the filter and into the base, where the cycle repeats.

I unplug it once a week - more when it's warm out and he's drinking more water - and fill it with water to the fill line. Plug it back in, it's done. No muss, no fuss. You change the filter every 3 months - it's a disc of the typical black filter material that just rests in there, nothing crazy - and that is literally all that you do.

I don't have to list the reasons why a cat fountain is ten times better for your feline companion than a bowl of still water (and I definitely shouldn't have to spell out why a toilet is not an appropriate water source), but I'll list a couple just in case:

  • Standing "hard" water has a higher concentration of mineral salts and just doesn't taste as good as circulating water.
  • Cats need filtered water for the same reasons we do: it's better for them!
  • Bacteria can easily grow in a bowl of standing water, especially in the summer.
The Catit fountain can be found on Amazon for under $20, with a package of 3 filters costing $7 and some change. That equals ~$30 a year for something your cat will be so much more likely to drink and enjoy, and I would say that that alone is worth it, wouldn't you?


  1. Your cat has gorgeous eyes, that fountain would be a great for a small dog too, mine would have loved it

  2. Damn. I didn't even know there were fountains especially for pets.

    Sonia Lal

  3. Good to know about that fountain. Pixel is cute!

  4. Your cat looks just like mine! I had never heard of the cat fountain. My cat enjoys a nice air conditioned life despite the heat and humidity but she does drink a great deal of water. I had never thought about a bowl of water being bad for her.

  5. Pixel is a cute name!! :-) I have two cats and they really do keep this house full of life and fun.

    Happy A to Zing! :-)

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