Friday, April 19, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Questions

In breaking from tradition, today I am going to be recapping some questions sent in by my readers at this post over here! These will slowly make their way to the blog's "about me" post, where they'll form an FAQ for newcomers to the site. :) There were a lot of questions and I can't answer them all, so if I didn't do yours, it's not you! I just had to select the most variety possible. :)

Q: Why did you get into blogging?
A: There have been a lot of times where I've been googling a product review, and realized that either there wasn't one, or it just wasn't very thorough. I love to look at product reviews, especially of things I already have. There is something inexplicably satisfying about being able to go, "Oh, these people love this lip balm - I have this lip balm!", you know? I wanted a web site that was a repository not just for the traditional makeup reviews, but things for my cat, books, movies, the whole nine yards. If you're a twenty-something girl like me, or  even if you're fifty-something and a guy, hopefully something I write about will pique your interest!

Q: How old were you when you first discovered your love for books?
A: I don't know exact numbers, but I remember going to the library with my grandmother and filling this absolutely huge bag with books. I'd hand-select them each and then take them back to her house and line them up along the baseboards in the living room, like sentinels in line to do battle. Carefully, I'd choose one and read it before putting it back with its comrades. Curling up in her big flowered chair and reading like an adult always made me feel so good - at night I'd creep to the floor by my bedroom door and read by the soft white light of my nightlight, holding my breath each time the floorboards in the hallway creaked, afraid someone would open my door and find out my secret. Books have always been a source of comfort and a playmate for me - I can't remember life before them, and there will never be a life without them!

Q: What hobbies do you have other than reading?
A: I do admittedly spend a lot of my spare time on the Internet - it's where I get my news, communicate with friends who are no longer geographically near me, and find time to laugh. Of course, I also spend a lot of time play with my cat or hanging out with my boyfriend. He and I love to watch TV, play board games and just laugh together, he's a lot of fun. I also enjoy music and while I am not an avid couponer, I do coupon. I'm thinking of starting up a coupon-centric day of the week over here, when April is over and I'm done with the A to Z challenge!

Q: If you were on a desert island and could only bring three books with you, what would you bring?
A: I am going to tie this in with my being asked what my favorite books of all-time are! And this is a horribly difficult decision, because it would be like abandoning my papery children! Matilda would definitely have to come - my aunt Sarah gave her to me in a paperback when I was six or so and I have carried her with me in my heart ever since. I will also carry a fondness for Oliver Twist with me forever - it was the first "classic" book I ever read, and I grew up on the 1960s movie musical. Something about that book resonates with me, its pages feel like a warm, broken-in glove I'm slipping on after a long, hot summer. Lastly I guess I would cheat and say whatever I was reading at the time - I hate leaving books unread!

Q: What are some of your favorite beauty and skincare brands?
A: I am a fan of Garnier's B.B. cream, but as for everything else, I'm really still getting to "know" makeup! I am a big fan of Revlon lip butters, for instance, but I don't quite feel qualified enough to really give this the well thought-out answer it deserves. I enjoy makeup and am trying to get more comfortable with wearing it on a daily basis, but I do try!


  1. I don't think I could get comfy wearing makeup every day.

    Sonia Lal

  2. I like the idea of bringing the book you're currently reading, but I don't think I could do it. I'd have to bring Ringworld, The Good Earth, and Song of Ice and Fire (that can count as one book, right?)

    (glad to find you through a to z, I like other geeky lady blogs.)

  3. What a clever way to do a Q topic. Shame I missed the suggestions round, if you ever fancy re-do. Here's a bonus question.

    If you were given the choice to wipe a book from your memory, just so you could read it again fresh, which one would you choose?

  4. Hi Patricia .. love the thought of you lying by the night light reading .. I guess as kids we make plans don't we!

    Great you're such a book lover and those memories will stem from the time with your grandmother .. cheers Hilary

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