Saturday, April 20, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Ruby Wing, Part 1

This month's Birchbox, for those of you who might not know, had the chance of containing a mini polish of this line I have been lusting after recently called Ruby Wing. Produced by the Color Club brand, what makes Ruby Wing awesome is that the polishes change color in direct sunlight! How nifty is that?

Honestly I had just discovered them and was fanning myself over indecision about committing to a bottle when I mentioned the polish to my friend Jessica over at Scary, Simple, Smitten. She replied by asking if I had known that I might get one in my April Birchbox. No, I did not know! Holy crap! So with great joy and trepidation I waited for my Birchbox to arrive. And arrive it did, with a teeny little bottle of Ruby Wing's Peony in its tissue paper folds.

I wanted for my manicure to chip - which it finally did, 2 days later - and applied my Ruby Wing, so excited to try it out. "Elated" would describe my mood before, but after ... "disappointed" might not be a strong enough word to cover it.

In theory, Ruby Wing is awesome. At least, this particular shade is. But in practice? Something just did not add up right with my bottle.

I could not apply polish very well up to a year ago. But over the past year, I've been perfecting my nail polish application process and very rarely have to even do touch ups. Half the time, I can just take a shower and what gets on my skin will just wash right off. But what I am disappointed about re: Ruby Wing is the fact that what you see on the left is a base coat, five coats of polish, and a top coat.

Typically, I use two coats of polish. Three if it's really sheer or a jelly or a metallic/foil that needs good brushstrokes. I kept adding layers on top of this, hoping it would straighten itself up. Unfortunately, all it did was make my hands look like a five year old painted my nails. It ran all over my cuticles and just looks appallingly bad.

I don't know if my bottle was a bad one, either, but the color looks like a sundried salmon, not the baby pink it seemed to be in the photos I saw of the color online. I went out in the sun, and while it was a sunny day, I couldn't really notice a difference in the shade after 15 minutes. If there was one, it was imperceptible. I am not always a big fan of pinks, and this shade was just not doing my pale skin any favors. I rushed home that night and removed it as soon as I could.

I was devastated because this was something I'd been wanting for a good month at this point, just about. I figured, "What the hell?" and emailed Ruby Wing, letting them know that I was wondering if I had gotten a bad bottle - reviews online are generally excellent! - and if there was anything I could do. The good folks at Ruby Wing straightaway asked for my phone number, and we had a detailed 5 minute conversation about what exactly seemed wrong with my bottle. They apologized profusely, said the formula or batch must have been off, and mailed me - that day! - a full-size bottle of my choice from their most recent collection.

While the bottle I had gotten might not have been the best, the customer service shown by the folks at Ruby Wing was phenomenal  I really look forward to coming back here with a good review on the new, green, polish I will soon be receiving!


  1. It does look a bit salmon....but it also looks like a fresh summer color! How very nice to hear a tale of good customer service - not the norm these day, right.

    Texas Playwright Chick

  2. Are there nail polishes that don't run all over like that? My nails always look that way when I paint them...

  3. Hello! I like that color! It's so pretty and summery. I'm good at applying polish to my toenails and to the left hand nails, but the nails on my right hand look a bit messy. So I don't paint my fingernails anymore, only my toes. When I stopped painting my fingernails, they started growing really long and strong! It's crazy how damaging nail polish is.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  4. I guess they are are selling these at 5 Below! $3 a bottle! I just might run out and get one!

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