Monday, April 22, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

I don't sleep well. This is a common problem that seems to stretch not just through me, but my family. Not a deep or heavy sleeper without the help of outside circumstances, and it's never as restful as I'd like it to be. I average 5-6 hours of sleep a night, and it has gotten to the point now where it just feels so natural to me that it's hard to remember what 8 hours feels like. While I might find it easy to get by, though, it is pretty noticeable to the outside world that I don't sleep well: I have awful under-eye bags!

I wear glasses, and so while my eyes might be covered up somewhat, if you get close enough you'll see the scaly, dark skin underneath. I am a fervent lover of Birchbox as of late, so when I discovered that this month's box would contain a full size roller of the Simple brand's eye roll-on, I was ecstatic! Something that might help fake refreshment? I'm so there!

The bottle is simple enough. It's about as long as your middle finger, and boasts a tiny metal roller-ball at the end of the tube, beneath the cap. The label boasts what is so cool about Simple's product line: it contains 1 vital vitamin, 2 skin-loving nutrients, and 0 perfumes or dyes! The Simple line is as natural as it can get considering it's a cosmetic, and I appreciate that because anything I am going to be plastering on my face - especially so close to my sensitive eyes - has got to be at least semi-good for me!

I popped the tube into my fridge at the suggestion of Birchbox, and after getting dressed, brushing my teeth and feeding the cat, I unscrewed the lid and rolled it under my eyes, gently. It felt cold and soothing to my tired eyes, and I immediately felt a bit more awake, just through that action alone. The puffiness that typically accompanies a sleepless night was reduced, as well. I could still tell in the mirror later that I didn't sleep well - as is patently obvious most days! - but how much the under-eye circles stand out had changed entirely. They were much less prominent than normal, and if you were looking at me but not at me, you probably wouldn't even notice I had under-eye circles going on in the first place that morning.

What this product does not do, of course, is take away the pigmentation under-eye bags leave behind. Because it's just a roll-on of a colorless gel, it's really not expected to, either. I still have to apply concealer and B.B. cream to the area, just like I do with any other product I use, but it feels less like "painting off my under-eye bags" and more like "touching up underneath my eyes," which I massively prefer.

If you sleep as well as I do, I'm sorry. Maybe give a product like this a try and see if maybe, one day, you're the only one who notices you don't sleep well? You might very well be surprised, indeed!

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