Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Two Timing Tart

I love candles. Before I got a handle on it, it was not uncommon to see a candle on just about every flat surface in my apartment! There are still candles scattered everywhere, and when I go on a cleaning spree I light four. (one in the living room, one on the kitchen counter, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom!). I have my favorites, and ones I have hated to burn down, but there is always one brand that I keep coming back to time and time again because of how perfectly wonderful everything about it is.

Two Timing Tart is a candle company run by my newfound friend Becky, who doesn't just make candles! She also makes my life miserable by making products that are too good scent beads, wax tart melts, and bath beads. I initially found Two Timing Tart through a friend who shares a love of BPAL perfumes (my review on those here), and who was excited to receive some wax tarts. I was curious and placed an order for a clamshell case or two of the tarts, just to see what they were like. This was over a year ago, and the rest is history. I have bought candles from other places, and I do occasionally pick up a Bath & Body Works candle here or a Yankee Candles wax tart there, but by and large if it is in my apartment and it smells good, Becky made it.

Initially, my order was made to soothe myself after a nasty breakup with my ex fiance. Becky, upon hearing the details about why my address would soon change, made me a custom candle - unsolicited! - named (sorry, mom) "Douchecanoe." It smelled like a creamy fruit puree and every time I burned it I thought about how stupid my ex was, and I smiled. It was - still is - one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Keep in mind that at this point, Becky was still a total stranger to me!

She has continued this tradition by sneaking surprises into each and every package I have ever bought from her. If I want my living room to smell like a chocolate cake lightly sprayed with ocean water, I can get on Facebook and IM Becky, and she will have made the perfect candle an hour later and given it a snappy name to boot. I don't know how she works her magic, but she does, and I love her for it.

Her candles and tarts are made out of no artificial dyes and have cotton wicks, so they burn clean and long. They used to come in glass mason jars, but Becky has since changed her labels and containers over to these neat aluminum tins. Unfortunately I haven't had the funds recently to buy any, so I've had to use stock photos of the newer line of goods. They come well-packaged and always with a little somethin'-somethin' you didn't expect tucked away in the back of the box somewhere to make your day that much brighter.

To give you a sampling of what Becky has to offer, the first thing you need to know is that she has an unhealthy obsession with Shemar Moore. There are a fistful of scents based on Shemar Moore in her shop, and they all smell delicious. Shemar Moore in a Tux, for instance, smells like angel food cake and champagne, while Shemar Moore on the Beach smells like a good-smelling man who rolled around in the surf and sand and then made his way into your arms. She has a catalog of general scents as well, including 42 - a blend of grasses and flowers that smells just like the most perfect spring day - Hedonistic Self-Indulgence - chocolate caramels of the highest quality! - and Satin Sheets - the most delectable blend of coconut and sandalwood.

Becky's work is thorough and love is poured into each candle or tart she creates. Rest assured that her candles are made to order, and that there is no such thing as a "rushed order" - your quality will come in spades when you order a candle from this one. Do yourself a favor and give Two Timing Tart a try - it's an addiction you can't kick, but at least this one doesn't go to your thighs!


  1. I'm a total candle addict too. But i get a lot of mine from thrift stores

  2. Becky is like family to me, and I am IN LOVE with TTT! Your kind words are all true--she loves what she does and it shows. :)

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