Thursday, April 25, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Ultra Moisture Milk Bath & Body Wash in Mango Mandarin (phew!)

I was frustrated last night as I was sitting in my bathtub, reading a book and sipping on some water, because I just could not think of anything for V. I've come so close but yet I couldn't think of anything I owned or could possibly review that began with V, and after the disappointment of U I couldn't let anyone down with a lackluster V! I sighed and lowered myself further into the water and then legitimately came into eye contact with my V product: right under my nose the whole time.

Unfortunately, the ending to this story is not entirely happy. While I was staring right at my new bottle of Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Ultra Moisture Milk Bath & Body Wash in Mango Mandarin (how is that for a mouthful?!), I was thinking about how much it felt like something was wrong with the product.

I'll do the good parts, first, lest you think I am focusing on the bad. This stuff smells heavenly. If you poured the essence of a mandarin orange together with the rich flesh of a mango, you'd get something that smells almost half as good as this bubble bath. It also creates an abundant lather that lasts the entirety of your bath. The texture of the product is great, too: this is a milk bath, meaning it's rich and thick, creamy and indulgent. It can apparently also double as a body wash, but I've never tried that myself, and I definitely wouldn't for reasons I'll get into in a bit. It's a large bottle - 25 fluid ounces - and costs only $3.99, so it's most certainly a good amount of product for what you are paying for. Unfortunately, it's not all good.

I have sensitive skin, but it's not that sensitive. Some products I just can't tolerate, but those are mostly facial issues I have. I do tend to get very dry feet and hands, but the rest of my body is pretty normal-to-oily. I don't know if it's my skin chemistry or what, but I haven't ever experienced the feeling some people say they get from, for instance, a bar of glycerin soap: this tightness in your pores. I had never understood what was meant by that until I poured some of this into my bath last night.

Wherever the lather settled over my skin, a fragrant and gorgeous net of it seeped into me and left me with this tight, unnatural feeling around the area. My thighs and legs, because of this, felt very awkward when I got out of the tub and dried off, and I could tell something just didn't feel right. For an "ultra moisturizing" body wash/bubble bath, I fail to see how it meets this criteria based on the simple fact that five minutes after pouring it into my bathwater, I felt my skin dry up worse than a mirage oasis once you reach the horizon.

I have never tried anything else by Village Naturals, so I don't know if this is just a misfortune in this particular bottle, all of their bubble baths, or simply an issue with the Village Naturals line in general. What I do know is that I'll likely be giving this a miss in the future, much to my chagrin.

Do you have a moisturizing bubble bath that you love? Write about it in the comments, I am always on the lookout for wonderful new bath products!


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