Monday, April 29, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Yankee Candle

Come here, I've got a secret for you. Lean in closely because I'm only gonna say this once, people are listening:

Yankee Candle is overrated.

I'll give you a moment to let that sink in before I continue. Are we squared away now? Great.

This is not to say that I don't like Yankee Candle. As a matter of fact, I love the stuff and think they put out a consistently good product that will smell great from first burn to last snuff for the most part, but none of this excuses the price gouging! Yes, I said price gouging. Some people might argue that a candle is an investment because you get hours of burn time out of them and they bring such happiness. And yes, while that might be true, at the same time there is a price ceiling - in my eyes, anyway - where after you spend $X, the quality of the candle no longer improves.

Take a $1.50 Wal-Mart candle and compare it to a $15 Bath & Body Works candle, and compare that to a $27 Yankee Candle. There is probably a giant jump in quality from the Wal-Mart candle to the B&BW one, if only because the scents tend to dwindle and die in a Wal-Mart candle and their tarts seem to have a plasticky scent behind them that I can't ever seem to get rid of. Between the B&BW and the Yankee Candle, though, there might in fact be a negligible quality difference, if any at all.

But Patricia! you cry. Sometimes Yankee Candle sells them 2/$27 and then they are worth it! Maybe. Bath & Body Works sells their large jars 2/$20 sometimes, and a lot of people find that the B&BW/Slatkin candles work better, smell better and burn cleaner. Then again, there are also people out there who find Wal-Mart branded candles and tarts charming and quaint and would not mind spending $5 on a candle from there because they are in it for the vague atmospheric scent, not the layers.

I'm a self-ascribed candle snob, and spend a lot of my time trying to locate the loveliest candles I can. Because of this, while I do admittedly spend $10 every now and then on wax tarts from Yankee Candle (until B&BW makes tarts, not sure what will happen then!), I by and large purchase my candles from third parties. I'll review a third party candle often because of this, and I think it really helps to showcase candles that are unique and different, so expect more candle reviews to come out of the woodwork in the coming days!

For now, though, I will admit to owning various Yankee Candle products. Some, I'm satisfied with - you can't ever beat a good $1 tart sale. Others, though, I am deeply disappointed by. (their car scents never seem to last no matter what I do, and I refuse to leave them in the plastic bag dangling from my rearview as the packaging seems to suggest - too weird for me!).

Overall, if you can find them at a deep sale, Yankee Candle makes some good candles. However, so do many other people at much cheaper prices, and those are something you can't shake a wick at.


  1. LOL! I had never even heard of Yankee Candle until very recently when someone mentioned it and I had to go look it up.

    Frankly, I think all such scented products are indoor pollution and I will save my money to buy chocolate ;)
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

  2. I totally agree about Yankee Candle. I've often wondered how they stay in business with such outrageous prices. Any time I go to the thrift store I check the candle section and have gotten many lovely brandname candles (I love the pottery barn ones for some reason) for like 50 cents a piece.

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