Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Waxy Dachshund

I have been sitting on this review for a few days, now. Every time I would sit down to write it, I would think, "I should just burn this candle a little bit longer, so my review will be more authentic!" And then I'd curl up with A Feast for Crows, a dim light and my candle and forget about Blogger until a night or two later, when the process would repeat itself.

Now, my newly-beloved candle is 3/4 gone and I am just so full of sadness that I have been moved to write this review so that you might understand and purchase one for yourself.

The Waxy Dachshund is an Etsy shop run by the beautiful and amazing Megan, who drew her shop name from her two adorable Dachshund pets. As those of us who are pet lovers know, we would never slap our babies' image on anything unless we knew it was flawless, or as much so as possible: and Megan's craft is no exception.

I am in love with her candle packaging, firstly. The container the candle is in is very solid and lovely, and I am going to find a way to harness it for some sort of storage when I am totally done burning my candle. The name of the company is on a clear label affixed to the side, but you can never tell by glancing - it looks like it's just part of the glass, which I love. Megan's packaging has a very neat, crisp feel to it.

Now let's get down to brass tacks: the smell. I am an aficionado for all things that smell like cupcakes, however vaguely. So when I saw that Megan had invented a lime cupcake candle, I reacted much like this:

I can't promise this is the last time I'll use DanRad to express my emotions.
Megan thoughtfully and wonderfully poured, packaged and shipped me one soon after I contacted her, and I waited a painstaking few days until I was at home for an extended period of time and could fully burn and appreciate this candle for longer than a brief hour or two: and what a good idea that was.

A lot of candles take a decent amount of time to begin to melt, or they melt okay but they don't start to release fragrance for an annoyingly long time. This is pleasantly not the case with The Waxy Dachshund - after burning Megan's candle for just a few minutes, I began to smell a tasty vanilla cupcake laced with lime zest and it has taken all I have ever since then to not try to drink the liquid wax that is pooling around the wick as we speak.

Her candles burn around 50-60 hours and come in a variety of pleasant colors and shades, all with mouth-watering and daydream-inducing flavors, like Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha, Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper and Cotton Candy. And at $10 a pop, you're not breaking the bank on a candle that you know is not mass-produced, but is in fact made with love and hand-poured with affection and a dose of doggy delight by Megan herself in her Chicago abode.

Speaking as someone who loves candles but hates to spend a lot of money on ones with potentially mediocre throw (here's lookin' at you, Yankee Candle ...), I am so pleased to say that Megan's craft has brought me nothing but joy, and I am planning a multiple-candle purchase as soon as my wallet stops wincing from May's bills.


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