Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Old Goats Co Cat Treats

My cat thinks that everything I get in the mail is for him. This is admittedly occasionally the case, but nine times out of ten, it's for me: I frequent free sample web sites and also get a monthly Birchbox. This time, however, it was for Pixel, and he practically jumped out of his skin trying to get into the packaging!

Sharon over at Two Old Goats Co, an Etsy shop, makes a whole lot of stuff that I could spend way too much money on! One of them, though, is cat treats. I spoke with her and she was sweet enough to not only make some just for me, but make me a sampler pack so my cat could investigate them all, including a new flavor she wanted to try out!

They came ensconced in bubble wrap and bearing my little guy's name, which I thought was a very sweet touch. I think he smelled that the package seemed to be for him, and he followed me around at my heels while I got out of my work clothes, mewling at me pitifully to get me to open this delightful box. I opened the box up, set it on the counter, and reached for my camera to take some cursory product photos. He was standing on the floor and when I picked up the first packet and opened it, the smell must have wafted down, and he looked up at me with this face:

Starry-eyed cat surprise, ladies and gentlemen!
Needless to say, Sharon's box of goodies was a hit, not just with Pixel, but with me! She included a sample of her hand lotion which I had been considering buying along with the sample pack but decided against - it's like she telepathically knew I was looking for some new lotion! (Bath & Body Works isn't doing it for me, but more on that later!)

What is awesome about Sharon's cat treats is that, unlike almost any treat you'll ever find at a store or  anywhere else, really, these are homemade cat treats, straight from her kitchen. Not only that, but she packs a one-two punch of clearly labeling every ingredient in them. They look like homemade goodies because that's what they are. They're not in clever little fish shapes or made to smell like the ocean, but what they do offer is so much better: a quality ingredient list made with things you can pronounce, no preservatives, and a delicious taste my cat literally cannot get enough of. 

He finished them and licked his paws clean. He has never done that!
I was, admittedly, worried at first that these treats wouldn't keep, but they've been in both my pantry and fridge and Pixel will eat them from anywhere with no trouble at all. I will not hesitate to buy from Susan again, and I hope that you might give Two Old Goats Co a try yourself! I promise you and your feline friend will be anything but disappointed. :)