Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bout of Books 8: Days 2 & 3

Well, sports fans, I didn't exactly knock it out of the park the past two days like I did on day one. In fact, I've only read about 50 pages in the past two days combined. I think we both knew that would end up being the case, but I consider it a little victory in and of itself!

Confused? Allow me to explain.

On a typical night, before I am ready to go to bed, I'll lay under the covers with my laptop, lights out, and peruse the Internet for a couple of hours. This leads me from my sane 11 pm bedtime to upwards of 1 or 2 in the morning, due to things like Reddit and YouTube sucking up my free time. However, I challenged myself this week: read instead of using the Internet.

It's hard to get used to reading in bed. I used to do it as a child: I have memories of hanging my library bag on a bedpost and selecting a book reverently each night, returning it to its family before I turned off the light. But I got older, grew a chest, and found it harder to lay comfortably. I was not to be deterred, though!

I started Tuesday morning on page 3 of In the Woods, and I went to bed last night on page 59. I have to give myself a little additional credit, as well: Ms. French has created a magnificent, rich universe and her narrators speak wonderfully. However, this makes it a good bit harder to follow than, say, Vampire Academy, where the narrator says such gems as: "Juliet had it easy: she never had to kill Romeo." Compare that to, say, this excerpt from In the Woods: "Its silence is a pointillist conspiracy of a million tiny noises - rustles, flurries, nameless truncated shrieks," a good bit more challenging!

Tuesday night, I drowsily tucked 2 chapters under my belt, and Wednesday, another 1. I fell asleep by midnight both nights - usually closer to 11:30, and fell asleep much easier than I usually do. It gave me some food for thought, and I really enjoy imagining this story unfolding behind my eyelids, which might contribute to it.

So no, this isn't a max-page-number victory, but I never entered this contest looking for that. I came to increase my amount of reading, to gain awareness about the fact that I could be reading instead of spending hours online. And for that, I'm pretty proud of myself! I hope to carry this tradition long past Bout of Books 8: hopefully it will still be the case when Bout of Books 9 rolls around!

My Reading List for Bout of Books 8.0:
1. Finish Vampire Academy - 332/332 - 100%
2. Finish In the Woods - 59/429 - 13%
3. Begin The Red Pyramid

Page Totals:
Day 1: 156
Grand Total: 156

Day 2: 29
Grand Total: 185

Day 3: 26
Grand Total: 211


  1. Trying to get into new-old habit of reading in bed is a great way of using this readathon for. I'm glad it's working for you. Good luck with it for the rest of the week!

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