Monday, August 26, 2013

Bout of Books 8.0: Days 4-7

I wanted to read a whole bunch, and ended up reading a decent amount without any actual, real concerted effort!

And it all works out anyway!
A lot of people go into Bout of Books with the expectation to read 4, 5, maybe even 10 books that week! And they might, they just might. But me? I went into Bout of Books with the pure intention to simply read more. Point blank. Simple, honest, and pure: read more.

I think that I accomplished this goal, with a pretty nice margin, as well. I could have read more, but I enjoyed the time I spent reading, and allowed myself to get lost in a book rather than counting pages and fretting about if I'd make a self-imposed quota.
I had one minor goal I'd set for myself: so minor, I didn't even mention it on this blog. That goal? Read 300 pages over the course of the week.

How many pages did I read? 296.

At first, I was really mad. Really mad! "Why couldn't you have just finished that chapter?" my inner perfectionist shrieked, fury hot and flaming on her face, her hair a frazzled mess tangled into a bun and held together with a pen cap. "You could have read 321 pages if you had just finished that chapter!"

I placated her by reminding her that the laundromat dryer had gone off, then I'd packed my clothes up, gone home, put sheets on the bed and clothes in the closet. Unloaded the dishwasher, fed the cat. Taken a shower. Curled up with the computer and gone to bed around 1 in the morning, choosing instead to watch the most recent episode of the blood-curdling Breaking Bad instead of reading.

So no, I didn't finish that chapter. But I enjoyed myself, and I do not count watching the most recent episode of one of the few television shows you religiously follow to be "idle" or "wasted" time. 2 hours spent surfing Reddit? Maybe a waste. But an hour of being actively engaged in television? Never, when it's just that one hour.

That said, I spent seven days and read a close-but-no-cigar 296 pages from two different books, which averages out to a bit more than 42 pages a day, which is pretty good! It's true: it's not the highest number in this contest. Truth be told, it might be one of the lowest. But to me, those numbers look pretty good considering my normal pages-per-week total probably hovers around 20. Not per day, all together.

Bout of Books has reminded me of how important a book is to your mental health, your stamina. As someone with a background in libraries, I don't know how I forgot, but I'm glad I've remembered. I hope to continue reading this passionately for a long time to come, and I look forward to Bout of Books 9.0 in January: I know I'll be there!


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