Monday, August 19, 2013

Bout of Books: Introduction Part 2

Hello again, everyone! I'm back now that it's the dawn of Bout of Books, and I wanted to try to solidify my goals for this endeavor just a bit more firmly before I started off. That way, you'll know exactly where I stand, and I'll know where you stand! Plus, I am a huge book voyeur and figured that if I want to know what you're reading, you should be able to see what I'm reading!

I am currently a bit over half way through Vampire Academy.

I know, I know ...
Wait, don't walk away! Let me explain! I have my Masters degree in School Library Media, which means I spent a lot of time while getting that degree reading YA literature. I love young adult books, and I especially love getting to ones that are awesome before someone else does and they become famous. I was lucky enough to read The Hunger Games and Gone Girl before they turned into hit films, and so when I heard Vampire Academy was going to be a movie, I figured I had to give it a go. (this is not to say, of course, that every book that is also a movie is great - looking at you, Divergent, and let's not even get started on Twilight and its ilk).

I love books that don't require too much thinking, that are fun and light and interesting. Am I loving Vampire Academy? No, but it's got a few twists that are keeping me entertained, and I like to balance out my heavier reading with some lighter stuff. Sometimes after a hard work day, I don't want to contemplate Nietzsche, I just want to find out who kissed that guy and why and how she's going to get revenge. So the first thing on the agenda is Vampire Academy.

Next, I'm going to begin reading In the Woods, by Tana French. I drank in Gone Girl like it was a liquid, some sort of smoothie I could just gulp down and then crave more. So when someone drew a parallel between that masterful work and this other mystery called In the Woods, I had to request it from the library.

I've never been a huge fan of the Mary Higgins Clark-style writing, the serialized sort also present in One for the Money and the other Stephanie Plum novels, but a good standalone novel that has interesting depth is exactly what I get a hankering for. Tana French's book has thousands of good reviews, and since I try to alternate between a young adult book and an adult book, this will be next.

That's it. I have a two-book goal for Bout of Books 8 - not because I'm an underachiever, but simply because my goal is to read more, not read anxiously. I don't want to panic about whether or not I've fit my quota in, I just want to read instead of mindlessly playing Candy Crush Saga, read instead of paging through my Reddit feed one more time. No more, no less.

So the abbreviated version of my rant, here?

My Reading List for Bout of Books 8.0
1. Finish Vampire Academy - 178/332 - 54%
2. Begin In the Woods

What about you? I'll try to dig through the list as best I can, but please leave a link to your blog in the comments below! I'd love some Bout of Books friends!