Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tone Petal Soft Body Wash

I love a good shower. One of my favorite things after a long, hard day is to get in the shower and just revel in the warm water. Unless it is summer, in which case I am conflicted and equal parts wanting to be warm and relaxed and wanting to be in a deep freezer - living in Georgia makes it difficult sometimes, y'all.

Because of this, there's no surprise that I've used a lot of body wash in my life. But near the end of my graduate school career two years ago, I started to focus primarily on Bath & Body Works body washes, paying - with a coupon - about $11 for two bottles. This is pretty uproariously expensive, but at the same time they do smell very nice and make your entire bathroom smell lovely. However, I noticed that my skin always felt a little dry and tight after I used them. But they say moisture right there on the bottle, so they can't be that bad, can they?

Apparently, they can.

When my bottle of Tone came in the mail from BzzAgent, it was a day I had spent cleaning, scooping the cat's litterbox and generally getting filthy, so a shower was exactly what I needed. I was a little skeptical because I tend to equate price with quality, so I was unsure that this cheaper, bigger bottle would do the same stuff the B&BW body wash did. Boy, was I wrong.

The body wash in this bottle smells amazing, first of all. It's got a floral scent, but it's not knock-your-mama-out strong, just pronounced enough to be a subtle nod in the direction of a flower bed. It's a pleasing soft pink color, and most importantly it is the most moisturizing body wash I have ever used.

Even in Georgia, the winters can dry your skin out, and now that we're back to our typical 70-80 degree weather, we are all still recovering from the crazy ice storms of February, and so is our skin. My elbows in particular are pretty rough right now, but when I smooth this body wash over them, it just soaks right in. I can hear my skin sigh with relief, too. (maybe I'm projecting, but I like to imagine that this is the case).

What this Tone product does is add moisture to your skin in all the right places, and it doesn't take any away, either. Your entire bathroom will smell like a lovely French perfume shop, and you will smell pretty good, too. I cannot get enough of it, and I will definitely be re-purchasing from this brand when my BzzAgent bottle runs out.

So don't be fooled by advertising, everyone, and give this stuff a try. Sometimes, the best things in life are free from BzzAgent and smell like a European spa.


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