Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bic Soleil Glow Razors

Readers, I have a confession to make: I didn't shave my legs for, like, two weeks.

No, wait! I can explain!

I was given the opportunity to review the newest in the Bic line of disposable razors: Soleil Glow, thanks to my generous friends at BzzAgent. And while I try to review everything to its fullest and utmost potential, there are some products that I need a little help really getting into. And with razors, well ...

I did it for science, I promise. BzzAgent will thank me later. (maybe).

This is what the razors look like: your typical three-bladed razor. But what makes these cool is (besides the awesome pastel color scheme!) that they have a plastic barrier around the razor blades, making the head pivot. You typically see pivoting heads in razors, but often just on non-disposable ones, the kind where you swap the heads out. So it's nice to see a bargain-priced razor with the finesse of a more expensive one!

I set out on my test, legs fully hairy and ready for action. I'm blessed with sensitive skin but never in the leg department, for reasons I am not quite sure of, so I don't typically use shave gel - I just get right to it! I was able to rub each leg down with some water and swipe the razor up and down my legs, rinsing it a few times. Total time? Maybe 10 minutes. And at no point did the razor get clogged, jammed, dulled, or otherwise become any lesser than its original, untainted version of itself.

Overall, I would highly, highly recommend these razors to someone needing to go buy a few. They shave beautifully, are reasonably priced ($6.99 for 3), come in cute colors, and boast a very nice pivoting head.

Plus, I didn't shave my legs for two weeks for you. Surely my commitment means something, reader. Come on, now. 


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